Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome to the annual Westphal Christmas Letter 2012, aka the letter of the T-shirt sayings.  As our family and friends, we hope you are blessed and encouraged as we share some of our Christian journey with you.

Tim is a growing eleven year old boy and if you haven’t seen him lately, your first words will be, “When did you get so tall?”  He is fun loving, likes to play games, and read books.  He played soccer this year and attends Cadets at the church down the street.  He is earning his “Knots and Lashings” Badge.  His t-shirt may say “Got books?” on the front and “Got rope?” on the back.  He will probably be embarrassed about anything I write about him in this letter.

Sarah is nine and a little shy on the outside, but she’s working on it.  She has a great sense of humor and enjoys books, drawing and playing pretend with her brothers and neighborhood friend, Abigail.  She played soccer this year and enjoys attending GEMS at the corner church.  She is great at spelling and reading and telling stories.  Her t-shirt would probably say “I am smiling on the inside” on the front and “I am secretly a ninja princess warrior explorer” on the back.

Lucas is a seven year old charmer with a lovely smile.  He is full of action, songs, and more words than you can imagine.  He loves being a junior cadet at church.  He loves to play games, and is likely to say almost anything.  His t-shirt would say “My parents never know what I am going to say” on the front and “Do you believe in God?” on the back, since he regularly asks this question to almost everyone he meets.

Marcus is a seven year old singer who loves not only action, but also a good game of chess.  He is rather loud and loves to share his opinion.  He likes being a junior cadet and despises anything he thinks is “babyish.”  He loves to play blocks and army guys and sword fights out in the yard.  His t-shirt would have an arrow pointing to the twin next to him with the words, “He did it.”  On the back, it might say “I’m so embarrassed”.

I am the daring, intrepid, courageous home educator.  My T-shirt may say “By Day—Simple Homeschooling Mom.  By night—Simply Sleeping.” (and you were expecting….  Ninja?)  The back of my shirt would have a large lizard and state, “Iguana be like Jesus!”

Ryan is the hard working Dad.  Early mornings are his specialty, and as of January 1, 2013, he will enter the world of “small business ownership”.   It will be a year of transition for him (and our family) so please keep us in your prayers.  His T-shirt may say “New business-keep praying”.  The back would probably say “Let me ask you a question”.  He has been teaching youth at church and asking them  questions about faith.

In other news of the year, we enjoyed a family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor waterpark) in Traverse City, MI.  The kids enjoyed three different Bible schools this summer.  We spent time helping Grandma Bing (my mom) while she recovered from foot surgery.  Sadly, Ryan and I both lost great aunts this year—my Aunt Nina, and his Aunt Joan—who are missed by their families.  We also welcomed a great nephew, Benjamin VeNard, son of our nephew Erick and Brigitte.  We helped raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness at the Vision Walk in September.  Changing eyesight makes for new challenges, and “because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed.” (Lamentation 3:23)

God Bless your family this year, and stay in touch.
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