Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elisha Cooper, children's book writer/illustrator, spoke to a group of older school children about the craft of book-making at our library today. He drew for the children and shared how he created wonderful books about dogs, cats, and ordinary things. My daughter, (budding illustrator that she is at 8 years old), and I were thrilled to join the listeners. He shared how one of his art teachers had him attach his paintbrush to a long pole and paint from about 8 feet away. He said, "It helped me learn to use my whole arm." It changed the way he painted. I kept thinking about this as he went on to answer questions from the children. From that distance, his perspective would shift; he would have to look at the whole picture while working on just a part of it.
I need to do this in parenting my children. I need the "whole picture approach." I need to avoid the tunnel vision. I need to "paint from a distance."     for more, click here.

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